The RLC of Central East Florida is pleased to announce its guest speaker for the March meeting will be Free Market Warrior Loren Spivack. Loren has appeared at both our Constitution Day Dinner and at the 2017 National RLC Convention and is one of the most popular speakers we’ve ever had.

Loren has also appeared as a guest on a number of television and radio programs including Glenn Beck, CNN, NBC News, America’s Newsroom, National Conservative Radio, Paltalk News, and We The People Radio. He has spoken to hundreds of conservative, Republican, Libertarian, and Tea Party groups across the United States.

Spivack authored “The New Democrat,” a parody of the Obama administration based on the famous Dr. Seuss classic, “The Cat in the Hat.” With pitch perfect rhyme and clever illustrations “The New Democrat” transforms political personalities of our time into a conservative morality play. “The New Democrat,” listed as one of the top 10 conservative collectible items, humorously details the numerous failed policies of the current government and the century of liberalism that led up to it.

It features Obama as the mischievous, toothy cat, wearing a Soviet-style cap emblazoned with hammer and sickle. Glenn Beck plays the anxious, scolding fish. The book, both thought-provoking and illuminating, ends with America racing full speed ahead toward government rationing and death panels.

In his most recent book, “The Gorax,” based on another famous Dr. Seuss book, “The Lorax,” satirist Loren Spivack, “Dr. Truth,” spoofs Al Gore and the environmentalist movement as a threat to freedom and the American standard of living. Once again with snappy rhymes and equally amusing illustrations Spivack is both funny and poignant as he makes the case that capitalism is the real victim of environmental extremists.


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