The Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida recently approved a local charter application for the newly formed Republican Liberty Caucus of East Volusia County.

The existing RLC of Volusia County welcomed this new chapter by changing its name to the Republican Liberty Caucus of West Volusia County. The existing chapter Chairman, Santiago Avila, Jr., was present for the East Volusia organizational meeting to show support for the new chapter.

“Volusia county is a large, sprawling county with a lot of communities located East and West of I-95,” Avila said. “Having two charters really makes a lot of sense.”

The new East Volusia RLC chapter is chaired by long-time RLC member Ted Noftall.

“We appreciate the support from West Volusia,” said Noftall, “and look forward to working with them on issues of importance to all Volusia county residents and taxpayers.”

The East Volusia chapter will recruit new members from the coastal communities east of I-95 while West Volusia will concentrate its efforts in the communities West of I-95.

“This really is the best of all possible worlds,” said RLC of Florida Chairman Bob White. “Volusia is a large county split north to south by Interstate 95. Having two chapters with strong leadership will ensure that all Volusia residents have easy access to meetings and a voice for Liberty that identifies with the unique demographics of communities located East and West of I-95.”

For additional information West Volusia residents can contact Chairman Avila at East Volusia residents can Contact Chairman Noftall at


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