The Republican Liberty Caucus is a national grassroots organization working to advance the principles of individual rights, limited government, free markets, and personal freedom and responsibility.

For almost thirty years the Republican Liberty Caucus has been the strongest, most consistent voice for these principles within the Republican Party. Many Republicans talk about these principles, but the RLC has taken the lead in promoting Liberty candidates and advocating for Liberty legislation. We believe that less government means more liberty and we work through state and local charters, and with our member activists all over the country to oppose government excess and demand accountability to the American people and the Constitution.

These principles have been the determining factor in the preparation of this legislative package. We call upon the members of the Florida Legislature to abide by these same principles as they decide the future of the great State of Florida and impact the lives of millions of Floridians.

The purpose of the legislation being proposed is to put an end to the “legal laundering” of millions of dollars in special interest campaign contributions through political committees and electioneering communications organizations. Currently these committees are allowed to accept unlimited contributions and can then transfer or “contribute” some or all of these contributions to other PCs and ECOs, also in unlimited amounts. We support legislation that would prohibit these transfers or contributions between PCs, ECOs, political parties and affiliated party committees.
SB 224 by Senator Gruters

Proponents of Red Light Cameras claim safety as their motivation, but the real motivating factor for the state, counties and municipalities is revenue enhancement. Furthermore, recent studies have proven that red light cameras often make intersections more dangerous. We oppose red light cameras on these grounds and on Constitutional grounds as well. The red light camera ticketing process violates the due process and equal protection provisions of the Constitution. We support the following legislation that would repeal the authorization for, and prohibit the use of Red Light Cameras in Florida.
SB 622 by Senator Brandes / HB 6003 by Representative Sabatini

Eight years is enough! We support eight year term limits for every office at every level of government. This year we are supporting legislation which proposes amending the Florida Constitution to establish term limits for school board members in all of Florida’s 67 counties.
We SUPPORT  HJR 229 by Representative Sabatini / SJR 274 by Senator Baxley

Legislation has been introduced again this year which would eliminate the provisions in Florida Statute which prohibit the concealed carry of firearms on college campuses. We have been strong supporters of legislation eliminating this prohibition for many years.
We SUPPORT HB 6007 by Representative Sabatini

We support legislation authorizing a concealed weapon or concealed firearm licensee to carry a concealed firearm on the property of a religious institution during religious services or religious institution events when the property also contains a school.
We SUPPORT SB 598 by Senator Albritton

We oppose legislation requiring transfers of firearms, when neither party is a licensed dealer, to be conducted through a licensed dealer and requiring processing by a licensed dealer.
We OPPOSE HB 135 by Representative Good / SB 654 by Senator Book

We support legislation developed by the Senate Education Committee to further address school safety and security. We strongly support the proposed changes to the Coach Aaron Feis Guardian Program removing the prohibition on classroom teachers participating in the program. Under current law Sheriffs have discretion in establishing a Guardian Program. We support the change which will require Sheriffs to establish the program when the school board has voted to approve it.
We SUPPORT Senate Committee Bill SB 7030

Criminal justice reform is long overdue in Florida and desperately needed. In 2016 the legislature called for a comprehensive review of Florida’s criminal justice system and selected the Crime and Justice Institute to complete the review. We support legislation referred to as the “Florida First Step Act” which adopts many of the recommendations contained in the ensuing report. Other states have implemented these proposed reforms and experienced significant success in reducing their overall crime rates, reducing recidivism rates, reducing their prison populations, and saving taxpayers billions of dollars in the process. Its time Florida reaped these same benefits.
We SUPPORT SB 642 by Senator Brandes / HB 705 by Representative Donalds

Legitimate methodologies exist for amending the Florida Constitution which include joint house and senate resolutions placing amendments on the ballot, as well as the citizen petition process also resulting in amendments being placed on the ballot. A Constitution Revision Commission meeting every twenty years is nothing more than a politically charged unnecessary waste of tax payer dollars. Any issue worthy of an amendment to the Constitution should be able to muster enough votes in the legislature to be placed on the ballot. The citizen petition process provides a direct route for placing amendments on the ballot if supporters believe their issue has been neglected by the legislature for political reasons. We support legislation which would amend the Constitution to eliminate the Constitution Revision Commission.
We SUPPORT HJR 249 by Representative Drake / SJR 362 by Senator Brandes

In the event the legislature fails to pass the aforementioned joint resolutions providing for the elimination of the Constitution Revision Commission by voters, we support these alternative joint resolutions which would require that any amendment placed on the ballot by the CRC will be limited to a single subject.
WE SUPPORT HJR 53 by Representative Byrd / SJR 74 by Senator Bradley

Our 4th amendment rights to privacy are being abused in many ways and with alarming frequency. Big Brother is everywhere and routinely pokes his nose into areas where it doesn’t belong violating the privacy rights of American Citizens. We support legislation which requires investigators or law enforcement officials to secure a warrant issued by a judge before accessing phones, phone records, or other electronic devices of Florida citizens.
We SUPPORT SB 210 by Senator Brandes / HB 1405 by Representative Toledo

We support legislation requiring local government comprehensive plans to include a property rights element for the protection of property owners.
We SUPPORT HB 291 by Representative McClain / SB 428 by Senator Perry

We support legislation which exempts from the definition of “public utility” property owners who own and operate a renewable energy source device, produce renewable energy from that device, and provide or sell the renewable energy to users on that property.
We SUPPORT SB 222 by Senator Rodriguez

We support the “Rule of Law Adherence Act”; creating provisions relating to federal immigration enforcement; prohibiting sanctuary policies; requiring state entities, local governmental entities, and law enforcement agencies to comply with and support the enforcement of federal immigration law; authorizing local governmental entities and law enforcement agencies to petition the Federal Government for reimbursement of certain costs; providing whistle-blower protections for persons who report violations; requiring repeal of existing sanctuary policies within a specified period.
SB 168 by Senator Gruters / HB 527 by Representative Byrd

We support legislation providing alternative high school graduation requirements which will allow certain students to pursue a Career and Technical Education pathway to meet the requirements for obtaining a standard high school diploma.
We SUPPORT SB 312 by Senator Montford and SB 770 by Senators Hutson and Perry / HB661 by Representatives Duggan and Sirois

Another form of corporate welfare at the expense of hard working Florida taxpayers is the granting of tax revenues given to billionaire owners of sports franchises for the purpose of renovating stadiums. We support repeal of legislation passed in 2014 that rewarded some of the wealthiest Floridian, and even non-Floridian, sports franchise hard working Floridians.
We SUPPORT SB 414 by Senator Lee / HB 223 by Representative Beltran

We support free market solutions to increase health care access and lower costs for consumers. Florida’s “Certificate of Need” Law requires hospitals, nursing homes, and other health care facilities to spend significant time and resources demonstrating to regulators that a “need” exists before they can expand or offer new services. Repealing this law would allow greater supply and more competition, both of which should decrease costs and increase access to care.
We SUPPORT HB 21 by Representative Fitzhagen / SB 1712 by Senator Harrell

We support repealing provisions relating to limitations on the size of individual wine containers and the size of individual cider containers; and revising provisions that authorize a restaurant to allow patrons to remove partially consumed bottles of wine from a restaurant for off-premises consumption.
We SUPPORT SB 220 by Senator Brandes / HB 1219 by Representative Sabatini

We support legislation ending the government subsidy of the newspaper industry with taxpayer dollars. Required public notices should be posted to websites and social media, instead of outdated print media, saving Florida taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.
We SUPPORT HB 1235 by Representative Fine / SB 1676 by Senator Baxley

The Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida would like to thank the members of the Florida Legislature for their service to the people of Florida. If you have questions or there is additional information we can provide, we hope you won’t hesitate to contact us.


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