RLC NC Communications Committee – Draft Minutes

March 12th 2020, 7:00pm

At Secretary Adiel Mora’s Home & via Teleconference 

Called to Order at 7:18pm

Acting Secretary: Erik Wilson

  1. Roll Call:

Adiel Mora, Greg Grissom, Erik Wilson, Allen Chesser, Brian Lewis, Thomas Grissom


Assoc. Committee Member Jesse Moss; RLC-CA member Brandon Rodgers; 


David Perry(?), Rachel Mills(?), Hunter Bowen(?), Marcus Bland(?), Mathew Blackmon(working), Kaysuv Boyina(class?), 


  1. Move alternates to voting status p.r.n.

No alternates yet. (Chair Erik W. to nominate transition to alternate status for some.)


  1. Approval of Agenda. Motion to approve agenda without objection. Passed without objection
  2. Approval of old minutes: None; this is the first meeting of this comm.
  3. Old business: None yet; first meeting.
  4. Officer Reports:
  1. Chair: Secretary Adiel
  2. Co-Chair: PR Director Rachel(absent)
  3. Co-Chair: Newsletter Editor Brian: gave report
  4. Web-Master David(absent)
  5. Others: 

Chairman Erik Wilson

Brandon Rodgers RLC-CA member Web-Creator/Admin


  1. New business: 
  1. Meeting time and location: 

Rachel prefers Wednesdays for the liberty after dark podcast”; next date being March 25th, without objection: Starting next month, Communications committee meeting will be Wednesday April 22nd 7pm at Rachel Mill’s house and every 4th Wednesday at Rachels house as well as via teleconference. (Please carpool with your nearest board members to minimize driveway congestion. -Chairman E Wilson)

  1. Website:
  1. Web Hosting: new site to be hosted by Brandon Rodgers or David Perry? 

Brandon Rodgers will host for free for now

  1. Domain name: 

National is buying them all per Matt Nye; like RLCNC.org; NCRLC, et all

  1. Actual site: 

Created and Admin’d by: Brandon or? 

Yes, with Admin privileges/roles. Discussion had. Will discuss further online etc.

  1. CiviCRM: Database, mass email, security agreement(&ethics), etc.
  2. Newsletter: via CiviCRM and or Brandon’s “Thought-Leader-blog” click-funnel web app. Do we still need CiviCRM for the mass-email-newsletter? Yes. 
  3. Other functions like database automation for new members and transfer of existing… Yes; all one click database automation between state and national. 
  4. Material explaining the use of our new web tools from Brandon Rodgers: 

Videos by Brandon tutorial format.

  1. Actual content curation:

Podcasts, pictures, blogs, files/docs, videos, contact info, intra- and WAN email, internal group creation, professional services networking, etc.

  1. Syncing the new community with other social media services (like Hootsuite) with:

 Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. (Google?) Yes, syncs with Facebook, (and?)

  1. Non-members can: they can only view what we have made public.
  1. Liberty After Dark Podcast: 
  1. Frequency? 

Once a month on Wednesdays directly after our Communications Comm meeting? Rachel not on call.

  1. Regular guests and rotating guests? 

Mark Meadows? Grassroots NC? Discussion had. Will discuss further online etc.

  1. Content generation: All hands on deck.  

Discussion had. Will discuss further online etc.

  1. Equipment: 

Purchase some good video recording equipment for video capture, stream & production? Discussion had. Will discuss further online etc.

  1. Email list
  1. Work with Chairman Erik and Treasurer to make sure chapter maintains an accurate email list of former, current and prospective members. Excel file format preferred. 
  1. Newsletter:
  1. Content approval, curation and subject focus:

Discussion had. Will discuss further online etc.

  1. Production process: 

Send all articles to Editor-in-chief Brian. Discussion had. Will discuss further online etc.

Brian directs members to develop content now with a deadline of late April and dissemination goal of May or June. Reiterates “All hands on deck.”

  1. Frequency: 

Monthly vs quarterly; Discussion had. Will discuss further online etc.

All are in agreement to start quarterly until content dev momentum speeds up.

  1. Routes of dissemination: 

Email, blog, website, ? Discussion had. Will discuss further online etc.

Brandon Rodgers says website is ready.

  1. Adjournment: Motion to adjourn by Adiel without objection; none. 

Adjourned at 8:25pm. 


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